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  1. Do not tell anyone your account numbers, passwords or let anyone make selection.
  2. You cannot participate in the drawing if you do not select the course with student number limitation at the first-stage selection.
  3. Please delete the unselected classes (such as A,B,C…) of the same course according to your student ID number, otherwise the system will double-calculate the total credits, and the score of the double-selected course will be counted zero.
  4. Physical Education is obligatory for grade 1 to 3 undergrauate students. 28 credits in Liberal Education courses must be selected (except for students of two-year college of technology).
  5. Your final selection results are based on the data of the on-line selection system from the Office of Academic Affairs. You cannot request any corrections (such as adding/dropping courses) or withdrawing the course later with any reason even if it may impact your graduation.
  6. By resolutions of the Academic Council, courses quit by approval will be noted on the report card starting from the 2nd semester of the 92nd academic year.
  7. Course selection regulations and application forms can be accessed on the web pages of TMU’s Home → Administrations → Office of Academic Affairs →Curriculum Section → Form Download.
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